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The Hack Mom

Maybe they’ll get so interested in the washer they will start doing the laundry! #winwin #hackmom

People always tell me Chris looks like a mini Bruno Mars. What do you think? #hackmom

So I’ve been having serious meltdowns over the lack of things to wear now that I’m 24 weeks. I decided this morning to try and get creative with my non-maternity clothes. I’m wearing a black pencil skirt that usually hits me mid-calf, but since it’s up over my baby belly, it’s at my knee; a blue men’s button-down that I bogarted from @tdpowells and “belted” it with a short black scarf. I call this MacGuyver Maternity style. #nonmaternityclothes #pregnancyhack #hackmom

" So, lean in, but do so while nursing your baby, or while your son sleeps on the couch in your office because he’s feeling sick — and don’t apologize for it. Pursue your goals, take risks, and go above and beyond, but don’t give up your role as a mother, wife (or husband, for that matter), and community member to do so. We can do better. "

Four years old! #hackmom

Hey, drummer boy, you’re doing it wrong. #hackmom

So our first real Christmas morning (complete with tree and presents) was a success, I think, judging by the number of subsequent fights over who got to play with Buzz throughout the day. These boys have a whole host of new toys to play with, so many that I needed to bust out with an even bigger crate to serve as the toy box. Wonder what I should do with the first toy box? Merry Christmas!

This kid is quick

Mike has been cracking me up lately. From calling me “ridiculous” lately to arguing with me as to why he should still get ice cream after I told him neither brother could have any if one of them dropped food, utensils or bowls on the floor — I’m being kept on my toes when it comes to kid logic.

What has cracked me up the most was the wholehearted of adoption of Christmas. See, I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas and the decor/ tree aspects weren’t a big deal to my husband, so we only got our first tree this year, now the boys are totally aware of the tradition.


Despite all the talk about Santa in the cartoons and commercials and I’m sure the kids at daycare, Mike and Chris have not yet associated the jolly fat dude with the holiday. However, Mike has the association with the Christmas tree and presents down pat. In fact, when telling my older sister about our Christmas tree over one of their recent dinner FaceTime sessions, he told her the tree now needs presents. When my sister asked if the presents could be shoes or clothes or socks, he replied, “no, toys, Auntie.” So of course, my sister asked what kind of toys. “Toy Story toys,” as if, duh.

LOL, well, I guess in my family, there’s no such thing as Santa (yet), but there definitely is Auntie!

TACKLE DADDY! @tdpowells engages in a little pre-bedtime wrestling. #hackmom

Google+ did this to Trinity’s photo of the boys in the snow on Mikey’s birthday and I LOVE THIS.