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The Hack Mom

Love. #hackmom

That Albert Einstein was a stylish chap, right? #latergram #hackmom

I totally get this.

Last day of daycare. I can’t believe how much these two have grown and I’m so thankful to the ladies who have cared and nurtured these two from babyhood to preschool age. #hackmom

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler


Can I call in sick on maternity leave?

There is nothing worse than having a cold or flu while pregnant or nursing. You can’t take any medication because it will pass on to the baby, if pregnant, or will dry up your milk, if nursing.

Now add insult to injury and make it a cold during summer. Aw, crap. And I live in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, the sweaty underboob of region — nice most of the year, but uncomfortably sweaty during the summer. I was able to do one night without the fan, thinking it was exacerbating my sore throat/congestion, but screw that. I turned it on the next night, alongside the humidifier.

This is totally not how I wanted to spend one of my last three weeks of maternity leave.

It’s kind of sad when it’s time to put the newborn onesies away.

Everyone enjoyed popsicles tonight, although Elliott’s was invisible. #hackmom

There is just something about a man holding a baby that is just so scrumptious. #hackmom

Michael helped me make chocolate chip cookies this morning, if helping means talking my ear off, going in and out of the kitchen and trying to sit on the trash can in an effort to see the cookies. But he did learn how to spell cookie! #hackmom